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1. Terms

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2. Use License

It is a copy-right website which means you can’t download anything without our permission. Moreover, you can’t copy our content without providing us with the credit. This is grand of a title not transfer the title. Under the license, you may never do the following works.

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3. Disclaimer

The kitchen long never provides any product warranty or technical support. It is only worked for reviewing the products and also provides you with the guideline to use, install, purchase, and advice.

However, we are using the Amazon link which means when you are purchased any of the products from Amazon to go from our website we get a commission. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

4. Limitations

Kitchenlung.com is an internet-based site and we have not any limitations for you. We don’t have suppliers liable for any damages. You never need to pay us for visiting this site and also don’t have any time limitations for browsing the website.

5. Links

We don’t believe to review all of the site’s links and not respond when the other website link to our website without our permission. You will get some Amazon associate links on this website which not harm you and you don’t need to pay for any clicking.

6. Modifications

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7. Governing Law

We can’t do anything which goes against government law. This website is based in New York, USA so we are always strictly following the governing law so that you will get safe information.