How to Prepare Chicken Wings for Frying? [Need to Complete 4 Steps]

How to prepare chicken wings for fryingTo get juicy, crispy, and tender chicken wings for frying, you should follow some major tips and tricks as well as a proper method to fry the wings. But, how to prepare chicken wings for frying? The answer is very simple; you just need to complete a simple method.

From my point of view, the following method helps you to prepare your chicken wings for frying. So, you should not rush to complete the method; you must need to check out each of the steps to prepare your chicken wings for perfect frying.

How to Prepare Chicken Wings for Frying?

Before frying the chicken wings to juicy, tender, and crispy benefits, you can prepare your chicken wings by following the below process. It is a proven method, and I strongly believe that this method provides you with a magical way to fry your chicken wings. Keep reading.

Step 1: Wash Chicken Wings with Hot Water

Before frying the chicken wings, you need to wash the wings properly. You can use both cold and hot water. But, I think you should use hot water so that the wings become softer and clean the wings deeply.

Step 2: Cut Chicken Wings with Perfect Size

First of all, you need to cut chicken wings with chicken wings cutting knife. You can easily find out chicken wings cutting knife from the market. You can also use a Chef knife to cut chicken wings without getting any problems.

It is true that the chicken wings come in different sizes based on chicken sizes. So, you should not cut the chicken wings too long or too short. Moreover, if you have any choices of size, you can also cut your own size without thinking anymore.

Step 3: Use Oil and Other Elements

Now, it is time to use oil and other elements in the chicken wings. Make sure that you are using the oil and all of the elements in the whole chicken wings. Take your time here and use the elements so that you can fry your crispy, juicy, and tender chicken wings.

Step 4: Store Chicken Wings

Finally, you prepare your chicken wings for frying. If you think you need to wait some time to fry the chicken wings, you should use foil paper to safely store the chicken. Note that you should not use freeze to store the prepared chicken for frying.

Fry Chicken Wings

Tips to Fry Chicken Wings

Now, you have a complete solution to fry the chicken wings. No doubt, the above 4-steps help you a lot to fry chicken wings crispy, tender, safe, and juicy. To get further information about this matter, you can check out the following serious tips and tricks.

  • Make sure that you are frying the chicken in batches so that you don’t need to use an overcrowded pan
  • Check out that the chicken wings come with all sides oiling so that they properly fry
  • Don’t forget to use a kitchen spider or slotted spoon to remove wings from the oil
  • You can use foil paper when you think that it takes much time to fry the chicken wings

How Do You Get Crispy Skin on Fried Chicken Wings?

There are plenty of methods you will discover on the internet to get crispy skin on fried chicken. However, I will share with you some important points which help you keep chicken wings’ skin crispy.

  1. Keep the oil temperature around 350°F
  2. Wait for the coming golden brown skin colour before removing the oil from the skin.
  3. You should wait 5 to 8 minutes for proper frying
  4. Remove the chicken wings directly to a wire rack
  5. Now, store a place where the air level is very low


Should I Boil My Wings Before Frying?

It depends on chicken flesh or bones. But, the standard answer is no. You don’t need to boil your chicken wings before frying. You should focus on the frying section to get crispy, juicy, and tender chicken wings. Don’t worry; follow the above section to get a complete solution to preparing wings and also frying the chicken wings without facing a single problem.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Do you season wings before frying?

Answer: The official answer is yes, you can season wings before frying. According to my experience, the season of wings does with salt and black pepper and keeps the temperature nearly 375 degrees F temperature.

Q: What is the best thing to fry chicken wings in?

Answer: It would be better for you to prepare the chicken wings properly so that you can fry the chicken wings crispy; I would love to suggest you check out the above method to properly prepare the chicken wings.

Q: How do I get my wings extra crispy?

Answer: If you want to get wings extra crisp, you should keep the microwave or stove temperature around 375 degrees F. Moreover, you should also check out that the chicken wings’ color is golden brown.

Q: Can you pre-cook wings before frying?

Answer: If you want to choose a juicy and crispy chicken wing, you should fry the wings first and then cook. Or, if you think you don’t need the crisp wings, you can pre-cook the wings before frying.


Are you still unsatisfied with getting the question answered from the above article? If your answer is yes, you can contact me so that we can find out the best result for you. However, the above chicken wings preparation method for frying is practical. I think the step-by-step process helps you prepare the wings properly and get a crispy, juicy, and tender chicken wings fry.

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