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hollow edge knife

A hollow edge knife is one of the best selections for professional slicing as well as chopping flesh. A hollow edge knife, also known as a Granton knife. Moreover, this type of knife blade is strong enough then a regular knife. So, users will use the hollow edge knife for cutting, chopping, and slicing hard things like bone.

However, a hollow-edge knife reduces friction and makes it easier to carve; even users will get better performance from this type of knife. Moreover, this knife is truly far better for cutting and slicing salmon, fish, meat, and other things.

In this article, I am going to share with you A to Z information about this knife so that you can hassle-free understand and compare it with other knives. So, stay tuned.

What Is Hollow Edge Knife?

what is a hollow edge knife

A hollow blade knife is a knife that comes with a vertical shape and wide size. This knife blade is versatile and extremely sharp enough. On the other hand, this knife blade is easy to operate for beginners and professionals.

Moreover, the hollow blade knife is suitable for cutting, curving, slicing, and other areas to use. Even you can use this knife for your hunting, fishing, and camping areas.

Furthermore, knife hollow edge is ready to cut soft and hard elements. The blade is truly thinner and strong enough. They, most of the time used German-grade stainless steel material, which is truly strong enough to use.

Description of a Hollow Edge Knife

hollow edge knife description

The hollow knife is always ready to cut and slice hard things. Moreover, this professional knife blade is ready to provide users with versatile cutting experience in both kitchens and outside of the kitchen.

Similarly, the handle of this knife is also adjustable and ergonomic, which also provides solid performance and maximum comfort. Its handle provides you with easy hold even in oily conditions.

According to my experience, the handle easily adjusts with small and large size hands. Even you can consider this knife for medium size hands people without getting any problems.

Overall, this knife provides users with solid performance. If you want to use the knife for a long-time with maximum comfort, of course, you can go for a hollow edge knife.

To use this knife both indoor and outdoors, users never face the blade or handle the damaged experience. There is no doubt that a hollow knife is one of the best knives on the market.

Hollow Edge Knife Pros and Cons

Every knife has two parts such as pros and cons. The hollow blade knife is not different. However, you can check out the following pros and cons section to get a clear concept and easily compare it with other knives.


  • This type of knife comes with versatile designs for multiple areas to use
  • The handle of this knife is ergonomic and adjustable to hold and fit with the hands
  • Its blade helps you to slice and curve professionally
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor
  • Of course, the hollow-edge knife ready to provide durable performance


  • They always come with the high price

Based on the pros and cons, you will make the right choice. I suggest a hollow blade knife when you need to curve or operate the knife in hard areas.

Hollow Edge Knife Sharpening

wüsthof classic ikon hollow-edge nakiri knife

If you want to sharpen your hollow blade knife without making any mistakes, you have to complete a simple process. I always follow the steps step-by-step guide below to sharpen my knife, and I never find any problems.

Step 1: Inspect the Edge of the Knife

First of all, you need to inspect the edge properly so that the blade doesn’t come with corrosion problems. If you can’t find any notice of your edge deformation, you have to inspect the edge properly.

Step 2: Try Out a Stropping First

You can go for leather stropping if you have a hollow handle grip knife. The leather strop will be your best friend to maintain the edge and avoid any harmful things from the knife. So, it would be the better option for you to try out a stropping first.

Step 3: Choose Your Sharpening Angle

Now, it is time to choose your sharpening angle properly. I used a 90-degree angle to sharpen my hollow knife blade. The 90-degree angle provides smooth sharpening performance and, of course, provides solid performance to sharpen the knife professionally.

Step 4: Sharp the Knife

Purchase a sharpening stone. You should choose a diamond-grade sharpening stone to provide better performance. On the other hand, you can also purchase hollow-edge sharpening stones to sharpen the blade properly.

Try to follow these 4-steps properly so that you can easily sharpen your hollow edge. Note the hollow edge is sensitive, and that’s why you should take the proper time to sharpen the knife blade.

Is a Hollow Edge Knife Good?

knife hollow edge

Of course, a hollow-edge knife is good enough for different areas. Hollow knife blades are always versatile, which means you can use this type of knife for multiple areas.

According to my experience, this knife is the best solution for professional curving, slicing, and curving. Moreover, you can also choose this knife for regular use. Overall, it is an all-rounder knife, and you will provide the perfect value for your money.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: What is the hollow edge of a knife for?

Answer: The hollow edge of a knife is used for carving and slicing areas. Moreover, it is a versatile, designed knife, which means you can also use the knife for cutting and chopping without facing any troubles.

Q: Is a hollow edge knife suitable for beginners?

Answer: Absolutely! The hollow edge knife is user-friendly and can be a great starting point for beginners. Its reduced friction and efficient food release make cutting easier, allowing novices to achieve consistent results. However, like any knife, it still requires proper handling and care to ensure safety and longevity.

Q: Can hollow-edge knives be sharpened?

Answer: Of course, you can sharp your hollow-edge knife without facing any problems. But, it would be better for you to use a 90-degrees angle to sharpen the knife properly.

Q: What is the advantage of using a Granton knife for slicing smoked salmon?

Answer: When slicing delicate foods like smoked salmon, a Granton knife’s air pockets play a significant role. The hollow edge reduces the surface area in contact with the food, allowing for smoother cutting without the slices sticking to the blade. This results in beautifully thin and even slices that preserve the integrity of the salmon’s texture and flavor.

Wrapping Up!

Now, you have enough information about your hollow blade knife. This type of knife is expensive, and you may often see this type of knife. They truly worked far better to curve the elements professionally. However, the knife is ready to provide higher performance for a long-time.

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