7 Best Knife for Cutting Sweet Potatoes [Top & Leading Knives]

Best knife for cutting sweet potatoesTo cut sweet potatoes, you need the right tool at your disposal. You may be known that sweet potatoes are hard enough, and you can cut multiple shapes. For example, you can cut sweet potatoes in crinkle cut, plain shapes, and others.

The Chef knife, crinkle cut knife, and all-rounder knives are ready to cut sweet potatoes in multiple shapes. So, you can choose any of these knives to cut your sweet potatoes, vegetables, meat, and others.

I collected for you top 7 high-quality knives to cut potatoes, vegetables, meat, and others. I strongly believe that our (My team) research provides you with one of the best solutions to choosing your favorite knife. So, stay connected.

What to use to cut sweet potatoes?

Sweet potatoes are hard enough to cut. You can soften the sweet potatoes and then cut them with simple tools. But, if you think that it kills your valuable time and you need instant cut down the sweet potatoes, you need to use a knife.

Which knife is the best option for you to cut sweet potatoes? Well, you can choose a Chef knife, all-rounder knife, or Cleaver knife to cut sweet potatoes. I would love to suggest that you read out the following best knife for cutting sweet potatoes to consider your favourite one.


1. imarku Japanese Chef Knife

imarku Japanese Chef Knife the first selection

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  • Blade Length: 8-inches
  • Sharpness: Ultra-sharp
  • Material: Pakkawood (Handle) and high carbon stainless steel (blade)

It is very difficult to pick a single knife from this list, and probably these knives list provides you with quality products, and this imarku knife is not exceptional. You will keep this awesome sweet potato cutting knife in your buying bucket if your price is below $50.

Like other sweet potato cutting knives like Spyderco, Chef, and others, this one offers you a very affordable price that may attract your eyes. While you compare this knife with other knives in price, quality, and others, I think this knife is truly the best enough.

Why is it a quality knife? Because the knife high carbon stainless steel blade that is very powerful and erosion-free. The manufacturer used a wood ergonomic handle to provide the customers maximum comfort and easily adjust with hands.

It is used an 8-inch blade that helps you to cut long and weighty sweet potatoes. The nice and sturdy case helps you comfortably and securely carry and keep it in a safe position from the kids.

What Users Thought About This Knife?

Tyler Solley (Our team member) talk about this knife for nearly 5-persons. All users used this knife for sweet potato cutting, vegetable cuttings, and fruits. They use the knife for nearly 2 to 4.5-years and don’t get a single problem, especially since the blade is rust-free and keeps the sharpness for a long-time.

2. Mac Knife Professional Sweet Potatoes Cutting Knife

Mac Knife Professional Sweet Potatoes Cutting Knife

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Mac knife is a professional-grade knife. If you compare it with the above knife (imarku), you will find the difference between the blade and handle. This knife blade comes with a hollow design which makes this blade strong to cut hard things.

This knife blade is not only designed for cutting sweet potatoes but also helps you to cut meat, mutton, vegetables, fruits, and other elements. I am also using this knife to cut garlic and onion without problems.

Undoubtedly, this knife is durable knife. The manufacturer used this knife alloy steel blade and Pakkawood handles to make it sturdy. These materials provide rust-free performance, and an ergonomic handle provides you maximum comfort.

According to the manufacturer, the product quality maintains with the Japanese knife. It is a Japan-grade knife. So, if you think you don’t like a China knife like the above, you can consider this Japan-grade knife.

What Users Thought About This Knife?

This knife impressed the customers with high satisfaction. Why? Because the quality, sharpness, sturdy, and other things provide them with first-class performance. But, some of them complain that the knife’s price is too high, and they urge that the price of this knife should be reduced.

3. TUO Vegetable Cleaver knife

TUO Vegetable Cleaver knife 

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It is a 7-inch blade knife. Unlike the above two knives blade (imarku and Mac), this TUO knife provides a wide-angle blade and designed the blade so that you can cut extremely hard things.

This knife is a versatile knife, and most users use this knife for cutting, chopping, slicing, and dicing. So, if you think that you need to consider a knife that provides you with all-rounder performance, you should clear your confusion about this knife.

Like the above two knives, this one is used stainless steel material blade. The blade accepted the dishwasher and some other chemicals to clean. Moreover, the polish and material easily avoid rust even if you are not using the knife for a long-time.

Let’s discuss its handle. The Pakkawood and adjustable designs help you to easily adjust with your hand. Noted, you can consider this knife a gift for your nearest and dearest person because of its beautiful design and box.

4. ZYLISS Crinkle Cut Knife

ZYLISS Crinkle Cut Knife

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Do you love to cut crinkle potatoes and are recently confused about how to cut crinkle potatoes? I would love to suggest you stay connected with this knife. Why? Because this knife is only designed for crinkle-cut potatoes.

It is a simple knife that comes with a simple design. For example, the blade of this knife is used stainless steel material with a crinkled shape. Like potatoes, you will also cut other things with this crinkle-cutting knife.

On the other hand, the knife’s handle also used stainless steel and plastic material. Though it is used plastic material, you will get soft, water-resistant, and non-slip performance.

If you compare it with the above knives, you clearly understand that the knife is only ready to cut crinkle shape. When you are using a knife to cut crinkle shapes most of the time, you should not avoid this product.

What Users Thought About This Knife?

The majority of the users strongly believe that this knife comes with the best quality materials and construction. They also suggest that the knife is only suitable for the person who needs crinkle cutting shape regularly.

5. Granitestone Nutriblade 6 PC Knife Set

Granitestone Nutriblade 6 PC Knife Set

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A knife set is always welcome for a new kitchen owner. I gave this knife to one of my friends, Alex, who told me it was an amazing gift. However, I am collecting this knife also for you because I know this knife set is ready to satisfy you.

From this knife set, you will get 6 pieces of knives. Each of the knives comes in different shapes and designs. Besides cutting sweet potatoes, you can also remove the mat from meat, cutting fruits and vegetables with this knife set.

Though it is a quality knife set, you will get this knife at a very affordable price, below $50. Whatever the blade of this knife is, use ultra-sharp stainless steel with rust-free polish so that you can continuously use this knife without facing rust problems.

The knife is dishwasher safe, and you can deeply clean each of the knife’s blades. The handle material is very soft; of course, the handle easily adjusts with your hand and provides non-slip performance.

What Users Thought About This Knife?

This is a complete knife set. According to a customer, this knife set comes with a black matt finish which looks so professional. The rust-free performance also helps him to use the knife for a long-time.

6. DALSTRONG Nakiri Asian Vegetable Knife

DALSTRONG Nakiri Asian Vegetable Knife

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This DALSTRONG knife is more trusted than the above knives. It meets with NSF certification, which helps you operate safely. However, it is an all-rounder knife that helps you to use this knife for cutting, chopping, and slicing.

First of all, this component is designed with high carbon German stainless blade. The blade provides you with superior performance to the Japanese blade. So, you will get a complete solution to blade erosion and sharp, high performance.

Secondly, the handle of this knife comes with an ergonomic and adjustable design, as well as Pakkawood. The designs and wood allow you to take extreme pressure to cut down the hard things.

Finally, to safely carry the knife, the manufacturer provides you with a leather sheath. The sheath protects the blade from harmful things as well as avoids erosion. Hey! Don’t forget that you will also get a sweet box with this knife.

What Users Thought About This Knife?

DALSTRONG is always a leading brand on the market. However, the users choose this knife for cutting sweet potatoes outside of the kitchen because of safety. They also found the sheath strong enough to safely carry the knife.

7. Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife

Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef's Knife

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If you are looking for a knife that provides you with strong performance for cutting sweet or hard potatoes, you should not avoid this awesome knife. Now, I am going to share with you A to Z information about this Victorinox knife.

The measurement of this knife is 18.9 x 2.56 x 1.97 inches. This measurement made this standard knife height. The 8-inch blade and chef design help you easily cut potatoes, vegetables, meat, and others from any angle.

Similarly, Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef’s knife is also designed for beginner, intermediate, and pro-level chefs because of its designs. However, this knife’s blade uses stainless steel and rust-free polish to use the knife for a long time.

What next? You may comfortably use this knife even if your hand is oily. Because the handle is adjustable and, of course, the soft material provides you with one of the best performance.

What Users Thought About This Knife?

The existing users love to use this knife. They thought that this knife came with a high-quality blade and handle. The blade design and weight also maintain the balance between the knife blade and the handle.

How to Cut Sweet Potatoes Easier?

There are two ways you can follow to cut sweet potatoes easily. First, you can get the potatoes soft and second, you can use a perfect knife or tool for cutting sweet potatoes. You can check out these two methods and then cut your sweet potatoes.

I hope that these two methods help you a lot to hassle-free cut down the sweet potatoes. If you are still confused about this matter, let me know in the following comment box.

How to Cut a Sweet Potato into Fries?


If you want to cut sweet potatoes into fries, follow the process below. The following process helps clear your confusion and provides the best solution to cut sweet potatoes into fries.

  • First and foremost, you need to wash the potatoes
  • Secondly, you need to remove the potatoes cover from the sweet potatoes
  • Now, it is time to cut potatoes. Note that you may better know which shapes you need. So, try to cut your own shape sweet potatoes
  • Finally, you can fry the cut potatoes and store the potatoes in a hot place

Winner Knife to Cut Sweet Potatoes

Now, you have a complete list of the knives. The above 7 products are leading and best for cutting the potatoes. But, if you fill confused about choosing your favourite knife from the above list of knives, you can check out our winner knife.

According to our research, Mac Knife Professional Sweet Potatoes Cutting Knife is the winner knife on this list. Why? Because we talked with most of the users about this knife, and they told us that the knife is a complete solution for cutting. They also believe that it is a rust-free and durable knife.

Wrapping Up!

When you are going to cut sweet potatoes fast and professionally, it may be common thing to choose the right tool. Am I right? I hope that you agree with me. However, you can consider any of the above knives for cutting sweet potatoes. Moreover, you can also consider the winner selection without any doubt.

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